Additional Factions

The Ancients

  • Q. If there is more than one enemy Great Old One in a Battle against me and I invoke Unholy Ground, can I remove two Cathedrals to Eliminate two Great Old Ones?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. Can Rhan Tegoth avoid Unholy Ground’s Kill by spending 1 Power as per his Eternal Ability?

    A. No, because Unholy Ground produces an Elimination, not a Kill.

  • Q. Can I use Unholy Ground to Eliminate Azathoth or the Watcher of the Green Pyramid?

    A. No. Unlike other Units, the Watcher just loses 1 from his strength when he is “Eliminated”, and Azathoth loses 1 die from his Combat.

  • Q. If I remove Cathedrals via Unholy Ground, where can I rebuild them?

    A. When replacing a removed Cathedral, you must obey Cathedral placement rules. For example, if you removed a Cathedral from a particular Yellow Sign Glyph’s Area, and all your other Cathedrals were in play, you could only rebuild it in an Area with that same Yellow Sign Glyph.

  • Q. If I have Reanimated in an Area by themselves, can I use them to take actions besides Move, Capture, or Battle?

    A. Yes, if such Actions are available to you.

  • Q. Do Reanimated need to be accompanied by another Unit to Move?

    A. No. They simply need to start their Move in an Area with another friendly (non-Reanimated) Unit.

  • Q. If an enemy Great Old One is assigned a Kill, and that Kill is later turned into a Pain (e.g. Nyarlathotep’s Emis-sary of the Outer Gods Spellbook), can Unholy Ground still be used to Eliminate the Great Old One?

    A. Yes, the intent is that Ancients can Eliminate Nyarlathotep with Unholy Ground.

  • Q. Can the Ancients Recruit a Cultist in an Area where they only have a Cathedral?

    A. No, a Cathedral is not a Unit.

  • Q. Can Opener of the Way use They Break Through when the Ancients allow everyone to Summon their cheap-est / most expensive monster?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. How do the Ancients generally interact with requirements or rules necessitating all Factions to have a Great Old One?

    A. The Ancients are ignored for this purpose. For example, the Ancients need not have a Great Old One for an independent Azathoth’s controller to earn his Nuclear Chaos Spellbook.

  • Q. When Yellow Sign takes the Screaming Dead or He Who is Not to be Named Action, does he have to pay the normal Power cost for his second, subsequent Action?

    A. Yes! For instance, if he Moved using Screaming Dead and then immediately attempted a Desecration, this would cost him a total of 3 Power (or 2 Power, if Third Eye was in effect).


  • Q. Do I get an Elder Sign for Ritualing with Bastet if I’m not using her Requires Attention ability?

    A. No. Elder Gods do not provide Elder Signs for Rituals of Annihilation, except in conjunction with special abilities. Also, since Bubastis can only “Control” one Gate (the Moon), a non-Requires Attention ritual only ever adds 1 Doom. Finally, if you DO use the Requires Attention ritual, you do NOT add another 1 Doom for the Moon’s “Gate.” You only get the flat 4 Doom bonus. Really, it’s Bastet adding 3 Doom, plus the 1 extra for the Moon, so you’re not losing anything.

  • Q. The Zagazig Spellbook seems to apply to both sides in a Battle. Is this so? Does it also reverse Kills & Pains for my opponent?

    A. Yes. If you choose to use Zagazig, both sides get the benefits

  • Q. What happens in a Battle with Sleeper if Bubastis chooses to both use Zagazig and chooses option 2 from Sleeper’s Demand Sacrifice (“All of their Kill results against your Units in this Battle count as Pains, instead.”)?

    A. First Zagazig changes Bubastis’ rolled Kills to Pains, and rolled Pains to Kills. Then all of Bubastis’ rolled Kill results count as Pains due to Demand Sacrifice. Sleeper’s rolled Kills and Pains are reversed as per Zagazig.

  • Q. Since Spellbooks target Earth Cats as they would Cultists, can they be Captured?

    A. No. They’re not Cultists, though Dreams, Zingaya, and Ghroth treat them that way. Crawling Chaos can never get his “Capture” Spellbook requirement from Bubastis, which means you can’t use Crawling Chaos and Bubastis as opponents in a 2-player game. Except as a prank, I guess.

  • Q. If Bastet is in a Battle by herself, does she still get to inflict her one Kill, even though no Combat dice are rolled for her side?

    A. Yes, of course. Elder Gods just inflict results. They don’t roll dice, and they don’t require dice to be rolled for their results to take place. Also, if Bastet is alone, she also still gets her ability to reduce the enemy-rolled Kills by 1.

  • Q. If no Earth Cats are in play, how can I get more of them?

    A. You’d have to Summon them on the Moon, which always counts as an Area with a Controlled Gate.

  • Q. Can Opener of the Way use They Break Through on the Moon? How about The Beyond One?

    A. Yes, he can use They Break Through. No, he cannot “Move” the Moon via Beyond One. He also cannot Move a Gate TO the Moon, because there is already a Gate present. He can’t Move Yog-Sothoth to the Moon, but he could Awaken him there, if he had a Spawn of Yog-Sothoth on the Moon.

  • Q. What happens if Sleeper uses Ancient Sorcery to target Bubastis?

    A. Nothing, unless he has some way to add Earth Cats to his faction.

  • Q. If Sleeper uses Burrowing to Move 2 Units from the Moon back to the main Map, how much Power does Bubastis get, if Catnapping is in effect?

    A. She gets two Power, because Sleeper must first pay 2 Power to Move the two Units. He then gets a refund of 1 Power back, but that doesn’t apply to Bubastis.

  • Q. If a player gets the Dark Demon (from the Masks expansion), how does this affect Bubastis?

    A. She gets stuck with a Dark Demon, like anyone else and loses an Earth Cat, Because spells affect her Earth Cats as if they were Cultists, this means she cannot Summon Earth Cats unless her Dark Demon is in play.

  • Q. On the Primeval Earth Map, does a Glacier appear on the Moon during the first Doom phase?

    A. No, because Control may not be seized from Bubastis, including by a Glacier. I guess you could put a Glacier there if you wanted, but it would have no effect.

  • Q. On the Yuggoth Map, can Earth Cats be turned into Brain Cylinders?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. Several Independent Units affect Cultists. When under your control, do these work on Earth Cats? (e.g. Eihort)

    A. Yes.

  • Q. Is the Moon tile considered adjacent to all tiles for Spellbooks and Abilities?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. If Bastet is in an area with Yog-Sothoth, and you ritual, do you get 3 Elder Signs?

    A. Yes. But the presence of another Enemy Controlled Gate does not increase this reward.

  • Q: Can Earth Cats be given up to Blood Offering in exchange for Elder Signs?

    A: No. Although they aren’t technically “being Captured,” the Action still results in them being Captured, so the answer is no.

  • Q: If I leave the Moon while at 0 Power (using Eternal Servitude), does Bubastis get Power?

    A: No. Actual Power was not spent.

Daemon Sultan

  • Q. How can I change the position of the Azathoth marker on the Doom Track?

    A. The Daemon Sultan Faction can change the marker’s position each time you Awaken Avatar Thesis.

  • Q. When the independent neutral Great Old One Azathoth (from the Azathoth expansion) is Awakened, he rolls the Azathoth die, and places the marker on the track. Does this still happen if Daemon Sultan is in the game?

    A. Yes, of course. For example, say Daemon Sultan Awakened Avatar Thesis, paying 2 Power. The Azathoth Glyph Token is set to 2. Then, on the next turn, a player Awakens the independent Azathoth. As part of that process, he rolls the Azathoth die and scores 7. The Azathoth Glyph Token is therefore moved from 2 to 7. Now, if Daemon Sultan Awakens Azathoth Antithesis, he’ll only have to pay 1 Power.

  • Q. In the rare case that another Faction’s Start Area is the first Area in which Daemon Sultan places a Cultist, where is Daemon Sultan’s Start Area?

    A. In that rare case, that start area counts as both Daemon Sultan and the other Faction’s start. Place his token there.

  • Q. The neutral Azathoth Spellbook Umr-at-Tawil makes Gates cost 1 less. Does this have an effect on the Chaos Gate Spellbook?

    A. No. Using the Chaos Gate Spellbook still costs 1 Power.

  • Q. If I’m in a Battle and I assign Kills to both Avatar Thesis and Avatar Antithesis, can I then use Synthesis’s Cosmic Ruler ability to “transfer” Avatar Thesis’s death to Avatar Antithesis, thus saving the latter?

    A. You can only use Cosmic Ruler to transfer a death to an Avatar which isn’t already being Killed in the Battle. In other words, you can’t use it to “double up” Kills in this way.

  • Q. Can Daemon Sultan use Psychosis to place a Cultist in an area with an Abandoned Gate? How about a Chaos Gate or a Cathedral?

    A. Yes, if no Unit is present. Gates, Chaos Gates, and Cathedrals are buildings, not Units.

  • Q. On the Primeval Map, does a Glacier appear in Daemon Sultan’s Start Area in the first Doom Phase?

    A. Yes, even if no Gate is present.

  • Q. Can abilities which affect Gates, such as Beyond One, or Ithaqua’s Awakening, target a Chaos Gate?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. When using the Traitors spellbook, who chooses the Cultist to be placed on the Gate? Can your enemy place their High Priest?

    A. The Daemon Sultan player chooses and they can select any Cultist. This includes High Priests, Eihort Brood Tokens, Brain Cylinders, etc., assuming that Eihort or Brain Cylinders are in this game.

  • Q: Can Animate Matter move into a Lord’s Shadow Area?

    A: Yes. If there is a normal Gate there, it is destroyed. Otherwise, the Daemon Sultan now likely just acquired a nice reward by subverting Control of that Lord’s Shadow for minimal investment. Watch out for Animate Matter! Try and keep a Gryllus around to Scavenge potential Animate Matter situations.

Opener of the Way

  • Q. How does Key and the Gate Work?

    A. Opener gets 2 Power for Yog-Sothoth during the Gather Power Phase. He also gets 1 Doom for having Yog-Sothoth on the Map during the Doom Phase. If he performs a Ritual of Annihilation, he gets 1 point for Yog-Sothoth as a Gate (plus an Elder Sign for Yog-Sothoth as a Great Old One).

    As a Gate, Yog-Sothoth can always Summon Monsters into his Area. Unlike other Gates, he can coexist with a normal Gate, and he is never considered to be Abandoned. Cultists do not Control him, nor can they ride him. He cannot be Moved with The Beyond One as if he were a Gate.

  • Q. Does Yog-Sothoth provide Power to Cthulhu via Y’ha Nthlei if he is in an ocean?

    A. Yes, because Yog-Sothoth is an Enemy-controlled Gate in the ocean!

  • Q. If Yog-Sothoth is in the Area where Ithaqua is Awakened, do you have to replace Yog-Sothoth (as the Gate) with Ithaqua?

    A. If Yog-Sothoth is the ONLY Gate in the Area, then yes. If there is another available Gate, then you must replace THAT Gate with Ithaqua instead.

  • Q. Can I use Beyond One to teleport a Gate to an Area containing Yog-Sothoth, since he is also a Gate?

    A. Despite this fact, yes, you can Beyond One to Yog-Sothoth’s Area.

  • Q. Do enemy Great Old Ones still cancel Beyond One if the Gate in question is not Controlled by their Faction?And do enemy Independent Great Old Ones still cancel it, too? What about the Watcher from the Yuggoth expansion?

    A. Yes, to all three.

  • Q. If an Opener of the Way Unit in an Area is turned Invisible by a Flying Polyp, does it count as “participating in a Battle” for the purpose of getting promoted by Million Favored Ones?

    A. No. The Invisibility Spellbook states that the Unit “takes no part in the rest of the Battle.” This includes all Post-Battle abilities and effects.

  • Q. If I have a Mutant and an Abomination eligible to promote via Million Favored Ones, but I do not have an Abomination figure in my Pool, can I first promote the Abomination, then the Mutant (now that an Abomination figure has returned to the Pool)?

    A. Yes. You can cycle Units through your Pool in this way to promote them.

  • Q. If I promote a Spawn of Yog-Sothoth into 2 or more Mutants via Million Favored Ones, and that Spawn was Pained in the Battle, are all of his Mutant “progeny” Pained?

    A. Million Favored Ones happens after all the Pains and Kills are applied, so the Spawn first Retreats into a neighboring Area and THEN shatters into multiple Mutants. This also means that if a Spawn is Eliminated by a Pain result because it was surrounded by its opponent, you do not receive the Mutants.

  • Q. If Windwalker’s Howl is used to Retreat one of Opener’s Monsters, can it still promote via Million Favored Ones?

    A. No, they do not participate in the rest of the Battle and so cannot use their abilities.

  • Q. How do Battle abilities interact with Dread Curse of Azathoth?

    A. Dread Curse is not considered a Battle, despite the fact that Combat dice are rolled. It cannot be combined with Channel Power or any other Pre-Battle, Battle, or Post-Battle effects (such as Regeneration, Necrophagy, or even Madness).

  • Q. Who selects the targets of Dread Curse of Azathoth?

    A. The victim selects the targets; you just choose which results apply to which Faction. Thus, if you rolled a Kill and two Pains, you could apply the Kill and a Pain to one Faction, and the remaining Pain to another.

  • Q. Regarding Dread Curse of Azathoth, to where do Pained Units Retreat?

    A. After the victim selects which Units are Pained, Opener of the Way selects to which adjacent Area each Unit Retreats. He can include Areas that contain Opener of the Way Units (these Units cannot be Eliminated by being surrounded).

  • Q. Can the Dread Curse of Azathoth be used to attack Units that are not Controlled by any Faction, such the Dreamlands Surface Map’s Zoogs, or Abhoth’s Filth tokens after Abhoth has been Killed?

    A. No, because that Spellbook requires you to apply the Combat results to particular Factions. In the case of Abhoth, once he is back in play the Filth tokens may be targeted, but as the Zoogs are never under the Control of a particular Faction they can never be targeted.

  • Q. Can I use Channel Power more than once in the same Battle?

    A. Yes. You can keep re-rolling misses (rolls of one, two or three), paying one Power per re-roll, until you run out of Power or all the dice score results.

  • Q. Can I use Dragon Ascending even if I am out of Power?

    A. Yes, because it is not an Action—it is simply an effect that you can apply at any time.

  • Q. If I use Dragon Ascending during the Gather Power Phase, who becomes the First Player?

    A. You and another player will be tied for most Power, so the previous First Player will make that decision.

  • Q. To Awaken an Independent Great Old One, you need a Controlled Gate and your own Great Old One. Does Yog-Sothoth, by himself, fulfill both these requirements?

    A. No, because Yog-Sothoth is not technically a Controlled Gate

  • Q. Chaugnar Faugn’s Miri Nigri ability gives Gates 3 Combat dice. Does this apply to Yog-Sothoth?

    A. Yes! For example, if there are 4 Enemy Faction Great Old Ones on the Map and Opener Controlled Chaugnar Faugn, then Yog-Sothoth’s Combat would be 11 (8 + 3). However, if Opener also Controlled a normal Gate in the same Area as Yog-Sothoth, you would still only add 3, and not 6, to your Combat in that Area. The ability reads “in an Area,” which means that you get the Combat bonus once per Area rather than once per Gate.

  • Q: If I move into 2 Areas for my “You have Units in at least 2 Areas containing enemy-controlled Gates” Spellbook, and one of those Units is moving Yog into a Lord’s Shadow Area, do I get my associated Spellbook?

    A: No. By Yog existing in an Area with a Lord’s Shadow, he overrides control, so it is no longer an enemy-Controlled Gate by virtue of Yog being in that Area.


  • Q. If Sleeper uses Cursed Slumber to remove a Gate from the Map, does that lower the count towards Opener’s two Spellbooks requiring 8 or 12 Gates to exist on the Map, respectively?

    A. Yes, it lowers the count. A Gate on Sleeper’s Faction Card is not on the Map.

  • Q. Can Sleeper use Cursed Slumber to place a Gate from his Faction Card onto the Area containing Yog-Sothoth, but lacking a normal Gate?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. If I have Energy Nexus and 0 Power, can I still do an Action that Costs 0 (or Hibernating, via Ancient Sorcery)?

    A. Yes! Using Energy Nexus does not require it to be your turn, so the rule that your turn is skipped when at 0 Power (or Hibernating) doesn’t apply.

  • Q. If my Serpent Man returns to the Map during the Doom Phase (Ancient Sorcery) to an Area with Windwalker’s Ice Age token, do I pay 1 Power?

    A. No, because returning the Serpent Man is not an Action—it occurs during the Doom Phase.

  • Q. How does Demand Sacrifice interact with the Leng Spider’s Bloodthirst?

    A. Any Pains converted into Kills become single Pains. I recommend against using Bloodthirst!

  • Q. Can I use Lethargy forever, thus preventing the game from ending?

    A. We recommend defenestration as the quickest way of managing such a player. More seriously, Sleeper cannot use Lethargy if no one else is active; just go ahead and finish out the Action Phase.

  • Q. How does Ancient Sorcery affect Great Cthulhu or Yellow Sign?

    A. Ancient Sorcery doesn’t affect the targeted Faction at all. However, I think what you mean is, “how does Sleeper benefit from using Ancient Sorcery on Great Cthulhu or Yellow Sign?” The answer in the first case is that a unique ability that names a specific Great Old One allows Sleeper to apply that ability to Tsathoggua. Thus, if Ancient Sorcery affects Great Cthulhu, Sleeper can re-Awaken Tsathoggua for 4 Power (and will also earn 1 Elder Sign). With regards to Yellow Sign, during the Gather Power Phase, Sleeper will gain 1 Power for each Area containing one or more of his Units plus a Desecration token (which, admittedly, had to be created by Yellow Sign).

  • Q. If a Serpent Man uses Ancient Sorcery on Crawling Chaos, thus giving Sleeper the Flight ability, can this be combined with the Burrow Spellbook?

    A. Yes. Sleeper’s Units are able to fly while burrowing. Tsathoggua is not from this part of the universe.

  • Q. What does it mean that an Action must originate in the Battle Area when using Energy Nexus?

    A. It means that the Action, if tied to Map Areas, must begin in those Areas. For example, you can only use it to Move OUT of the Area (Burrow would apply), and not into it. You could only use Ancient Sorcery if the Serpent Man comes from that Area. You could Recruit, Summon, Awaken, or Capture a Unit in that Area. In a multi-Area situation, such as using Mother Hydra’s Zygote Action, then at least one Recruited Cultist must be placed in that Area. If it is not tied to a Map Area, then you may do it (such as one of Sleeper’s Spellbook requirements that is an Action). You could even do Lethargy if you wanted, but that really wouldn’t make much sense from a strategic standpoint.

  • Q. Can I do the Battle Action with Energy Nexus?

    A. Yes. This results in an immediate Battle with you as the Attacker, which would be followed by the already-declared Battle, between whatever Units remain. You can only do 2 total Battles in a row (i.e., you cannot use Energy Nexus to “chain” Battles together into an infinite loop). However, you could use Energy Nexus to perform a non-Battle Action before the Energy Nexus Battle, which will happen before the Battle that was originally declared.

  • Q. Can I use Energy Nexus even if the Battle in the Area was not declared against me (or by me)?

    A. Energy Nexus simply requires a Battle to be declared in the same Area as your Wizard. For example, if two other Factions Battled in an Area containing your Wizard, Sleeper could immediately Recruit a Cultist. If all the Units involved in the Battle were Killed and/or Pained, then Sleeper could take Control of an abandoned Gate on his turn without having to use his next turn’s Action to Recruit a Cultist there!

  • Q. Can I perform Unlimited Actions in addition to my one Action when using Energy Nexus?

    A. You may Abandon and/or Control a Gate in addition to your 1 Action, but may not do Unlimited Battle (one regular Battle is okay).

  • Q. Do Battle abilities still apply if Energy Nexus removes all Units of one side so that a Battle does not really take place? For example, what if a single Monster declares Battle on Sleeper, and Tsathoggua simply uses Energy Nexus to Capture the Monster? Or if Sleeper simply Moves all of his units out of the Area?

    A. Although Energy Nexus takes place prior to Pre-Battle, follow the same rule as to what happens when all Units of a side are removed during Pre-Battle. The Battle ends, no dice are rolled, and no abilities (including Pre-Battle!) can be used. The Power is paid to initiate the Battle, but no Battle actually takes place!

  • Q. Does Demand Sacrifice protect against Eliminations?

    A. No, it only protects against Kill results.

  • Q. Does Tsathoggua have to be personally involved in a Battle to use Demand Sacrifice?

    A. No. So long as Tsathoggua is in play, Demand Sacrifice applies to all Battles against Sleeper’s Units.

  • Q. Can the Opener of the Way use They Break Through to Summon a Monster onto the Cursed Slumber Gate?

    A. No. The Gate and Cultist under Cursed Slumber are immune to Enemy abilities.

  • Q. Can Sleeper choose to Eliminate his Cultist on a Cursed Slumber Gate to satisfy losses inflicted by Ghroth (or any similar ability)?

    A. Yes, but he doesn’t have to even if it is the only Cultist he has left (since it is protected from all enemy abilities). If he DOES choose to lose it, the Gate becomes Abandoned and now provides Power to all Factions. It can still later be returned to the Map by Sleeper for 1 Power.

  • Q. If a Cursed Slumber Gate has a High Priest on it, can that High Priest be sacrificed for Power? If so, what happens to the Gate?

    A. Yes. The Gate becomes Abandoned, as described in the previous answer.

  • Q. If I have acquired the Ghast Neutral Monsters, how and when would I spawn them via Death from Below?

    A. Since they cost 2 Power, they are 2-cost Monsters. You will only receive 1 Ghast per spawning, so it is usually preferable to get some other Monster with Death from Below.

  • Q. If Sleeper uses Cursed Slumber to remove a Gate from the Map, does that change the count towards Opener’s two Spellbooks that require 8 or 12 Gates to exist on the Map, respectively?

    A. Yes, it lowers the count. A Gate on Sleeper’s Faction Card is not on the Map.

  • Q. If I Move a single Shantak who brings along a Cultist (using the Horror Steed ability), does Burrow give me a refund of 1 Power?

    A. No. Burrow gives you a refund based on spending 2 or more Power during a Move Action, not on Moving 2 or more Units. In this situation, you would have to pay to Move at least one more Unit to benefit from Burrow.

  • Q: Can Sleeper perform a Ritual of Annihilation if he copied Eternal Servitude via Ancient Sorcery?

    A: No. The effects of Ancient Sorcery last until the end of the Doom Phase. This means that during Sleeper’s Doom Phase turn, they would be unable to perform a Ritual. If Sleeper tasted the forbidden fruit of unlimited Power they must pay the price. High Priests, Dark Demon, and Brain Cylinders


  • Q. How does Soulless interact with Gla’aki’s Green Decay and the Yithian’s Possession abilities?

    A. Soulless makes the base reward 0 Power. Gla’aki’s Green Decay modifies that reward to be an Elder Sign (meaning that it overrides Soulless, by changing its reward from Power to an Elder Sign). The Yithian’s Possession adds to whatever the base reward is (whether 1, 0, or an Elder Sign). Thus, a Yithian who Captured a Soulless Tcho-Tcho still provides at least 1 Power.

  • Q. What if the Tcho-Tcho has no Controlled Gate when you have the Hierophants Spellbook, and you earn another Spellbook?

    A. Place the High Priest anywhere on the Map where you have Units. If you don’t have Units, place it anywhere on the Map. You’re probably going to lose this game.

  • Q. In an 8 player game, it seems like the Tcho-Tcho are forced to appear in one of Windwalker’s start Areas. Is this really so?

    A. Yep.

  • Q. When performing the Spellbook requirement of “Remove my Controlled Gate in my Start Area,” can I remove Yog-Sothoth?

    A. Of course not. He is not your Controlled Gate.

  • Q. If I control Yig as the Tcho-Tchos, and perform Yig’s Spellbook requirement of “Remove one of my Controlled Gates” can this count as my own Spellbook requirement of “Remove my Controlled Gate...” or vice versa?

    A. No. They must be two separate removals. One per Spellbook.

  • Q. Do I benefit from Martyrdom if my High Priest is Eliminated in Battle (such as by being Abducted or Devoured), but not actually Killed?

    A. No. Martyrdom only takes effect if the High Priest is actually Killed.

  • Q. Give me an example of how Tablets of the Gods works.

    A. If the Tcho-Tcho have this Spellbook and perform a Ritual of Annihilation, then they MUST Eliminate all of their High Priests, even those who do not qualify for Elder Signs. Their only element of choice in the matter is whether or not they perform the Ritual. They could sacrifice their High Priests for the Power reward, and then do the Ritual.

  • Q. Can I use Terror to have some of my Proto-Shoggoths reduce enemy combat, while the rest roll 2 dice each?

    A. No. All Proto-Shoggoths must “vibrate” in the same way, so if you have 4 in an Area, you can either roll 8 dice, OR roll 4 dice and subtract 4 from the enemy dice total; no Mister In-Between. (and if the enemy’s reduction goes to below 0, he still just rolls 0. No negative Combat ratings!)

  • Q. If the Tcho-Tcho Recruit a Unique High Priest, are they affected by the various abilities of the Tcho-Tcho regarding High Priests (Hierophants, Martyrdom, Tablets, etc.) and can they be used to Awaken Ubbo-Sathla?

    A. Yes to all—the Unique High Priest acts as your other two “regular” High Priests in every way, EXCEPT that it cannot use the normal Unspeakable Oath ability. High Priests can only use the abilities on their own Loyalty Cards.

  • Q: How does Sycophancy interact with Sleeper while using Ancient Sorcery?

    A. Because the Tcho-Tcho Sycophancy unique ability applies to the entire Doom Phase, Sleeper can use Ancient Sorcery to gain its benefit throughout that Phase. In such a case, return the Serpent Man to the Map at the very end of the Doom Phase, rather then when it is Sleeper’s turn to perform a Ritual, which is normally when you use abilities in the Doom Phase.

  • Q. With the Hierophants Spellbook, do the Tcho-Tcho get to place a free High Priest when they earn an Independent Great Old One’s Spellbook, too?

    A. No, that is not the intent. It reads “Faction Spellbooks.” Otherwise it would be too gross.

The Invasion

  • Q. If Ithaqua is Awakened in an Area with a Lord’s Shadow (that also has a Windwalker Glyph, obviously), what happens?

    A. Windwalker gets to choose the Gate that is destroyed in the Area (the normal Gate or the Lord’s Shadow). If the choice is between Yog-Sothoth and a Lord’s Shadow, then they must destroy the Lord’s Shadow instead of Yog.

  • Q: If I have no Units and/or had no Captured Cultist(s) on my Faction Card, and effectively only have Baphomet out, do I still get an Elder Sign if unable to pay these apparent costs for Sacrament of Flesh?

    A: Yes. Just rest assured that Baphomet is extracting this toll from someone else, in another part of the universe, tenfold. You still get the Elder Sign(s). If your opponents had you down to just Baphomet in play (it happens), they should have finished the job and Killed him too.

  • Q: If I spend any amount of Power during my turn that gets me to 0 Power, can I continue to spend “virtual” Power that Eternal Servitude provides?

    A: You cannot spend real and the “virtual” Power that Eternal Servitude provides in the same Action Phase unless some effect gives them real Power after they use their “virtual” Power from Eternal Servitude. The “check” for Eternal Servitude is at the beginning of your turn, before you can take Actions. Therefore, being at 1 Power is usually worse (but not always) than being at 0 Power.

  • Q: With Unlimited Battle, can I spend 2 “virtual” Power and then attack with Baphomet by spending 1 Doom all within the same Action Phase?

    A: Yes. And if Baphomet is Pained into another Area (provided you have 6 Spellbooks), you may attack again, and again, by paying 1 Doom per Battle per normal Unlimited Combat Rules.

  • Q: What is meant by “active” in Eternal Servitude?

    A: In this case, “active” refers to a player that isn’t Hibernating or has more than 0 Power. This always means that The Invasion get the “second-to-last word” of any Action Phase, since the last player who takes the last Action will prevent you from being able to trigger Eternal Servitude again.

  • Q: Can I Awaken Baphomet if I’m at 0 Power?

    A: No. If you are at 0 Power and do not have Baphomet in play, then you’re just like any other Faction when they are at 0 Power, and cannot take any Actions during your turn, even if those Actions cost 0 Power. Killing Baphomet when The Invasion is at 0 Power is an effective way to cripple them.

  • Q: Can Sleeper use Lethargy endlessly to give The Invasion infinite usage of Eternal Servitude?

    A: No. If nobody but Sleeper has Power, Sleeper may not continue to use Lethargy, as per the Final Onslaught Rulebook FAQ.

  • Q: If Sleeper is copying Eternal Servitude and has a High Priest, can you use the “virtual” two Power of Eternal Servitude first, and then sacrifice his High Priest for 2 Power and then spend that Power to take additional Actions?

    A: Yes, but not the other way around. He couldn’t have 2 (or more) Power and then use Eternal Servitude Power in the same Action Phase. The “check” for getting to access Eternal Servitude’s “virtual” Power is at the beginning of your turn, before you do—or can do—any specific Actions (of any kind).

  • Q: If Sleeper copies Eternal Servitude and Windwalker’s Hibernate, can they Hibernate for 4 Power from 0 Power?

    A: No. Even though you are doing Actions as if you had 2 Power with Eternal Servitude, you never actually had Power during your turn. Hibernate would do you nothing here.

  • Q: If Sleeper is copying Eternal Servitude and wants to use Energy Nexus in a Battle, when Sleeper is at 0 Power, can he do another Action per Energy Nexus?

    A: Yes and no. If Sleeper is Attacking, then he would have spent 1 “virtual” Power to Attack, and therefore would have another “virtual” Power available via Eternal Servitude. However, if he was defending, he wouldn’t have access to Eternal Servitude’s benefits (because it’s not his turn).

  • Q: Can I contribute two Power via Eternal Servitude to preventing Crawling Chaos from getting Power from Thousand Forms while I’m at 0 Power?

    A: No, you are at 0 Power. You have no Power to give. Eternal Servitude doesn’t give you Power; it just allows you to conduct Actions as if you had 2 Power, and only during your turn, anyway.

  • Q: When moving off of the Moon with Eternal Servitude, does Bubastis get Power?

    A: No, as no Power was actually spent. However, Catnapping against The Invasion is still incredibly good; if they “trickle” their Units back onto the board from the Moon, they are likely to be easily picked apart by everyone.

  • Q: Does earning Doom from Blood Offering earn you a Spellbook like “Gain an Elder Sign” for Tcho-Tcho?

    A: No. Upon an agreed “deal,” Blood Offering discards the Elder Sign, giving the deal-making player Doom equal to their total value. The Elder Sign itself never goes into their hands, nor is it even touched by that player.

  • Q: Does Blood Offering trigger Infernolatreia?

    A: No. Infernolatreia only triggers when you earn Elder Signs. There is no way to give Elder Signs to anyone involved using Blood Offering—you are looking at them to potentially give the Doom value to your opponents.

  • Q: Does Blood Offering trigger Passion?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: Can a deal be struck where you can acquire Cultists but not exchange any Doom from the revealed Elder Signs, or vice-versa?

    A: No. One Elder Sign’s value must be exchanged, and one Cultist be exchanged, to strike a deal.

  • Q: Does Blood Offering trigger the Baphomet’s Fury’s Torment OR Transference ability, since they are not technically “Captures”?

    A: No. Treat them as if they were Captured normally; Torment already has an exception for this as well as Transference.

  • Q: If there are 3 created Lord’s Shadows in play and I gain 2 Elder Signs, what happens?

    A: If an effect gives you 2 Elder Signs at one time (like Sacrament of Flesh does when you have 6 Spellbooks), then you’d look at 4 Elder Signs (if you had 3 Lord’s Shadows) and keep 2 of them.

  • Q: Scavenge is considered “one Action.” What does that mean?

    A: It means that it cannot be responded to by abilities like Unspeakable Oath (if playing with High Priests) or Great Cthulhu’s Devolve. Additionally, it means that it doesn’t transfer Baphomet’s Fury more than once per Scavenge activation. If you Killed or were Killed by multiple enemies at the end of any use of Scavenge, then choose which eligible player would receive it.

  • Q: Can you Attack and Capture in the same Area with one use of Scavenge?

    A: No.

  • Q: If you use Scavenge in an Area where Baphomet is, to Attack or Capture there, what happens? Do you pay 1 Doom per Unquenchable Thirst?

    A: You aren’t declaring Battle/Capture with Baphomet, and he’s not in the Combat, so you don’t pay 1 Doom. It’s technically not disabling or deactivating the ability, since Baphomet is not involved.

  • Q: Can I use Hellgate and Attack with Unlimited Battle in the same Action Phase?

    A: Yes. And you can do so when you’re at 0 Power with Eternal Servitude + Unquenchable Thirst, as the total cost of those Actions is 2 Power and 1 Doom.

  • Q: If a player hits 30 Doom during the Doom Phase, does Entropy Siphon still trigger?

    A: Yes. Even if the result of that would bring them below 30 Doom, the endgame still triggered, so whoever had the most Doom at the end of the phase would still win. This may lead to ties slightly more often if the players in the lead can’t (or won’t) pay the 4 Power per Fiend-Controlled Gate.

  • Q: If I have a Fiend-Controlled Gate in an Area with a created Lord’s Shadow, do I get 2 “triggers” of Entropy Siphon from that Fiend, draining enemies ahead of me of either 8 Power or 2 Doom?

    A: No. The Lord’s Shadow is always either Controlled by you, or by another player if THEY have a Controlled Gate in the Area. Since another player does not have a Controlled Gate in the Area, you are Controlling it by default (without a Controlling Unit). You still get to trigger Entropy Siphon once in this situation, though (for the normal Gate).

  • Q: What happens in the second Doom Phase when I trigger my Spellbook requirements “At the end of the Second Doom Phase take this Spellbook. All other players lose 1 Doom,” and “Entropy Siphon” at the same time?

    A: You choose the order of how they trigger. Best to optimize the order of these for maximum damage.

  • Q: If (for example) The Invasion have 20 Doom and an opponent has 21 Doom, and there are two Fiend- Controlled Gates, what happens?

    A: Each instance of Entropy Siphon triggers separately. The end effect is that your Doom can never be lowered below what The Invasion’s Doom is, regardless if there are 1 or even 4 Fiend-Controlled Gates.

  • Q: Does Yog Count as a Controlled Gate for the purposes of Eclipse?

    A: No. He is not “Unit-Controlled” as Eclipse specifies.

  • Q: Does the Moon count as a Controlled Gate for the purposes of Eclipse?

    A: No. Eclipse only targets Gates with a Controlling Unit.

  • Q: If Thousand Forms is triggered and The Invasion would want to give up 1 Power but another player wants to give up Power to prevent The Invasion from giving up that 1 Power, what happens?

    A: If the agreement amongst players that have Power to contribute to Thousand Forms is not a consensus, then Crawling Chaos gets the Power rolled. This is a situation that only ever would happen if Invasion was in the game, so we included it here. Baphomet’s Combat

  • Q: How does Baphomet’s Combat value work?

    A: You can reveal Elder Signs at any time during the game—between, before, or during any Action or during any phase. This means you can reveal Elder Signs after being Attacked, and even after Pre-Battle to boost Baphomet’s Combat value. This has weird interactions as well, like if fighting Ithaqua, you’ll be boosting him too (but only by half ) when you’re revealing Elder Signs.

  • Q: If I reveal 7 value worth of Elder Signs, gain 7 Doom, and then spend 1 Doom to Attack with Baphomet, do I add the 7 to his 4 Combat, or would I add 6 to his Combat because I “spent” one?

    A: Just because you spent Doom from those Elder Signs doesn’t mean that you didn’t earn it. It’s “gross” Doom, not “net” Doom. We recommend just leaving these near your Faction Card for the remainder of the Action Phase until they no longer have any further effect.

  • Q: How does Torment work? This is very confusing.

    A: If Great Cthulhu had Baphomet’s Fury and faux “Killed” a Unit, but it remained in play (as per Torment) then he wouldn’t receive his “Kill/Devour a Unit in Battle” Spellbook(s), as no Unit was actually Killed or Devoured.
    A: If Opener had Units “Killed” via Torment, they would be able to “upgrade” with Million Favored Ones. A: If Crawling Chaos had Baphomet’s Fury and was to Kill an enemy Great Old One, it wouldn’t trigger Harbinger, as that Unit never was Killed or Eliminated because of the replacement effect of Torment.
    A: Any Unit Killed/Eliminated pre-battle, like being Devoured by Cthulhu while Great Cthulhu has the Baphomet’s Fury, would stay in play for the rest of the Battle (provided that the Power could be afforded during Pre-Battle to keep that Unit alive). Keep in mind that you calculate/resolve Torment whenever an effect happens, not at the end of an Action. This means that Units could be “spared” during Pre-Battle only to be later lost during Combat resolution if they don’t have the Power to cover those costs. In this way as well, Units can somewhat absorb multiple “Deaths” during a Battle, as those are prevented by Torment (provided those are caused by Pre-Battle abilities). Torment does not change that Units (other than Starspawn) can only absorb 1 Combat result.
    A: Windwalker’s Cannibalism wouldn’t trigger if Torment prevented the Kills in an Area.
    A: Torment is not a Battle ability and also affects things like Ghroth and Dread Curse. This is not always a penalty and can be used in clever ways to degrade your opponents.

  • Q: The Invasion don’t have a High Priest, Brain Cylinder, or Dark Demon model(s). What am I supposed to do if playing with these expansions?

    A: Dark Demon: When Dark Demon is triggered by someone else, you will permanently lose a Larvae, although you won’t receive a Dark Demon. If you purchase Dark Demon, everyone else follows the instructions for Dark Demon and you get nothing in return. Seeing as Dark Demons are rather annoying to be cursed with, this is actually a decent exchange for you.
    A: High Priests: When opponents sacrifice a High Priest via Unspeakable Oath, it is in turn-order response to whatever Action just occurred. Often times, this means that The Invasion player will get yet another use of Eternal Servitude when High Priests are in use, if they are between the player who performed the last Action and whoever is now “reinstated” into the Action Phase with 2 power. This is important and means The Invasion benefits from High Priests immensely, even though they themselves cannot have one.
    A: Brain Cylinders: The Invasion has no Brain Cylinders and therefore gets no benefit for Controlling the Lab, other than preventing other players from being able to trigger Surgery. Don’t worry though; Brain Cylinders are typically easy to capture and are great targets via Scavenge, so you’ll have more “food” for Baphomet in those situations. Also, other players will typically have more Power, so that’s even more opportunity to use Eternal Servitude.


  • Q. How does Windwalker’s Hibernate interact with Crawling Chaos’ Thousand Forms?

    A. Despite the fact that Windwalker is not an active Faction when Hibernating, he does participate in the negotiations for how much Power is lost, and he may choose to lose Power due to Thousand Forms.

  • Q. Normally, when a Faction with 0 Power somehow gains new Power, it re-enters the Action Phase sequence. What happens if Windwalker under Hibernation gains Power?

    A. You gain the Power, but remain under the effects of Hibernation and may take no Actions. You may only spend Power when given the option via Spellbooks or abilities. For example, Rhan Tegoth’s Eternal ability can keep him from being Killed or Pained.

  • Q. Gnoph-Keh cost depends on the number of Gnoph-Kehs in the Pool. Please give a precise breakdown.

    A. If no Gnoph-Kehs are on the Map, Summoning one costs 4 Power. With one on the Map (and three in the Pool), the cost is 3. With two each in the Pool and on the Map, the third will cost 2, and the final Gnoph-Keh will only cost 1. Remember that a Gnoph-Keh Captured by Tsathoggua is not in the Pool, and thus decreases the cost for future Summons!

  • Q. If I have no Wendigos in my Pool, and one is Killed in Battle, can I immediately re-spawn it via Cannibalism (assuming I’d Killed an Enemy Unit in that same Battle)?

    A. Yes. Obnoxious, eh? It also works with Cultists.

  • Q. If Cannibalism is used in a Battle, immediately followed by Black Goat’s Necrophagy, could the newly placed Acolyte or Wendigo be Pained out?

    A. No, because that particular Acolyte or Wendigo did not participate in the Battle.

  • Q. How does Rhan Tegoth’s Eternal ability interact with abilities such as Nyarlathotep’s Harbinger or Cthulhu’s Spellbook requirement that must be fulfilled with a Kill?

    A. Rhan Tegoth’s Eternal ability only cancels the effect of a Kill or Pain on Rhan Tegoth itself, not the effect such a result has on other abilities and Spellbooks. In other words, Nyarlathotep can gain Power or Elder Signs and Cthulhu can earn a Spellbook when the result is assigned to Rhan Tegoth, even when Eternal is used to cancel the effect.

  • Q. If Cthugha rolls a Kill on Rhan Tegoth, but the latter uses Eternal to cancel it, does Cthugha still have a chance to spare Rhan Tegoth, too?

    A. No, Eternal takes precedence—if Windwalker chooses to remove the Kill or Pain from Rhan Tegoth, Cthugha cannot spare him.

  • Q. What does it mean in the description of Ice Age when it refers to “any Action ending in the Ice Age Area”?

    A. This describes any Actions involving Units that finish their turn in the Area, or that do something to the Area itself. For example, Units can Move OUT of the Area for no extra cost. But moving INTO the Area costs an additional Power (not per Unit, just for the entire Move Action). For other examples, if Yellow Sign tried to Desecrate the Area, it would cost one additional Power. If Cthulhu emerged from Submerge in the Ice Age Area, he would pay one additional Power (but not if he left the Area via Submerge). Great Cthulhu’s Devolve is not an Action, so it is still free, though using Dreams would cost him three Power. Black Goat’s Avatar would cost one additional Power as at least one Unit will be ending that Action in that Area (even if the Unit ending up in that Area is not a Black Goat Unit). Opener of the Way’s Units can Promote after Battle and Sleeper can use Death From Below in the Ice Age Area free of cost, as these are not Actions. If Sleeper declares Lethargy while Tsathoggua is in the Ice Age Area, it costs one Power. If you use a multiple-Area Action, such as if you used Mother Hydra’s Zygote, and placed at least one Recruited Cultist there, it would cost an additional Power.

  • Q. Controlling or Abandoning a Gate is defined in the rules as an Unlimited Action that costs 0 Power. Does this mean it costs 1 Power to Control or Abandon a Gate if the Ice Age marker is in the Area?

    A. No. These are the only two Actions (Controlling a Gate and Abandoning a Gate) exempted from Ice Age’s Power tax. Unlimited Battle still costs +1 Power to initiate.

  • Q. Can Crawling Chaos Units fly over (but not land in) an Ice Age Area without spending extra Power?

    A. Yes. They are not ending their Action in that Area!

  • Q. If Yog-Sothoth is in the Area in which you Awaken Ithaqua, can Yog-Sothoth be the Gate you replace with Ithaqua?

    A. If Yog-Sothoth is the only Gate in the Area, then yes. If there is another available Gate, then you must replace THAT Gate with Ithaqua instead.

  • Q. Who determines where a Unit is Retreated to when Howl is used?

    A. The victim decides which Unit is Retreated, and to which adjacent Area it goes.

  • Q. If Windwalker’s Units completely surround an Area before a Battle, and Windwalker uses Howl, is the Retreated Unit Killed (as per the rule that surrounded Units must receive an extra Elimination if they cannot be Pained)?

    A. No. It may retreat to an Area containing Units, because Howl does not inflict a Pain.Windwalker’s

  • Q. Can Units retreated due to Howl still use Battle Abilities that have not yet been activated (such as promoting Units via Million Favored Ones, or Nyarlathotep’s Harbinger)?

    A. No, they do not participate in the rest of the Battle, and so cannot use their Abilities.

  • Q. Can Howl be used on Map enemies such as Zoogs, Bhole, the Watcher, etc.?

    A. Although Howl works on any Unit, rather than the typical specification of a Monster or Cultist, it does not work on the larger Map enemies such as the Bhole, Watcher, Librarian or Custodian. It would, however, work on Zoogs and uncontrolled Slimes. (In the former case, it Eliminates it but does not reflect a Pain back, and in the latter, you choose where the Slime is sent).

  • Q. Does Crawling Chaos’ Madness ability allow him to choose the Area to which victims of Howl are retreated?

    A. No. Howl is a Retreat, not a Pain.

  • Q. Can Windwalker’s Howl retreat a Brain Cylinder on the Yuggoth map?

    A. No. Brain Cylinders turn off their sensors, so they don’t hear the Howl.

  • Q. Can a Ghoul that was forced to Retreat by Howl use Necrophagy to return to the Area (and add a Pain) after the Battle?

    A. Yes. The Ghoul did not participate in the Battle.

  • Q. During the Action Phase, if a Player reveals his Elder Signs and causes the game to end, does Windwalker still get to fulfill his Spellbook requirement which states “Take this Spellbook at any time”?

    A. Yes. Treat this Spellbook requirement similar to the way in which every player may reveal Elder Signs at the moment the game ends. This means that Windwalker could also immediately turn in all the Elder Signs he might receive from fulfilling that Spellbook requirement. No one said Windwalker played fair!

  • Q. If one of Windwalker’s Gnoph-Keh has been captured by Sleeper via Capture Monster, how does this affect the Summoning cost of the next Gnoph-Keh?

    A. A Gnoph-Keh on Sleeper’s Faction Card is not considered to be in your Unit Pool. For example, if you had one Gnoph-Keh in play and one on Sleeper’s Faction Card, then the next Gnoph-Keh would cost 2 Power to Summon, because 2 are currently in your Unit Pool.

  • Q. If you have Herald of the Outer Gods, do you still advance the Ritual of Annihilation marker up when paying the 5 Power?

    A. Yes.

  • Q: If Rhan-Tegoth is Attacked and dealt a Kill by the person holding the Baphomet’s Fury, what happens?

    A: Windwalker can use Eternal to ignore the effect of the Kill by paying 1 Power. If they don’t, they pay 3 Power instead to ignore the Kill via Torment. If they have insufficient Power at that point, then Rhan would be Killed normally.

  • Q: If Rhan-Tegoth is Attacked and dealt a Kill by Nyarlathotep when Crawling Chaos is holding Baphomet’s Fury, what happens?

    A: Windwalker CAN choose to trigger Eternal by paying 1 Power OR they can choose to not trigger Eternal and allow Torment to trigger (provided they can pay for it). Here, Windwalker has an interesting decision: pay less Power but allow Harbinger to trigger, or pay more Power and prevent Harbinger from triggering by allowing Torment to take effect. It’s up to them. The general rule is that Torment is similar to Rhan-Tegoth’s Eternal ability; however, while Eternal ignores the effect of the Kill, Torment instead is a replacement effect that replaces Kills or Eliminations with Power loss (if they are able to pay).

  • Q: How does Ice Age interact with The Invasion’s abilities?

    A: You cannot enter an Area with Ice Age via Scavenge unless you are willing to pay 1 more Power, making it impossible once you are on “virtual” Power via Eternal Servitude. If at 0 Power and using Eternal Servitude, you cannot move any Gryllusses into any Area with the Ice Age marker via Scavenge.
    A: Using Hellgate to enter an Ice Age Area would cost 1 more, so it likewise can’t be done with Eternal Servitude’s “virtual” Power.
    A: Attacking or Capturing with Baphomet would cost 1 Power (in addition to one Doom via Unquenchable Thirst).
    A: If an Ice Age is on an Area with a Lord’s Shadow, the cost is +1 to Portend. However, there are multiple costs for Portend. Whatever cost you would pay in any situation, just add +1 to it. For example, if they had 3 Demon Larvae in an Area and they were adding the third Portent in that Area, it would regularly cost 0. However, Ice Age makes it cost 1 more (so 1 total). If those same 3 Demon Larvae were trying to add a 4th Portent to the Area, it natively would cost 4 and Ice Age would make it cost 5 total.