Additional Maps

Dreamlands Map

  • Q. Do I win as Opener of the Way if I Control 4 Gates at Citadels,including Yog-Sothoth, but only in 3 of the Citadel Areas (e.g., IControl Gates in Citadel Areas numbered with 1, 2, & 3, andYog-Sothoth itself is also in Citadel three, but I do NOT control a Gatein the Area of Citadel four)?

    A. No. You must Control Gates in all four Areas, not simply Control fourGates among the Citadel Areas, you cheater. In this situation, MovingYog-Sothoth to Citadel 4 would give you the win.

  • Q. What happens if I fight three Zoogs and roll two Kills and three Pains? How many of my Units are affected by the reflected Pains?

    A. First, remove the Killed Zoogs. Only one remains, so it is Pained(and removed), and one of your Units is likewise Pained. Remember, Killsalways take effect before Pains.

  • Q. How does Black Goat’s Necrophagy interact with the Zoogs?

    A. If two Ghouls teleport via Necrophagy to a Battle in which Zoogs haveparticipated, two of the original attacker’s Units are Pained asnormal, and two Zoogs are likewise Pained (and removed). Both Ghouls arealso Pained by the Zoogs (the original Attacker receives Pains due toNecrophagy, but not additional Pains as a result of the Zoogs beingPained by Necrophagy—those Pains are reflected back on the Ghoulsthemselves).

  • Q. Can Cthulhu count Zoogs which are Eliminated by Pain results as Kills for the purpose of his Spellbook requirements?

    A. Yes. Even though Avatar specifically works on Faction Monsters, Zoogsare all identical so it doesn’t matter which one in the given Area ischosen to swap places with Shub-Niggurath. If the Zoog is sent viaAvatar to an Area that is NOT a Citadel, then the Zoog is Eliminatedfrom the Map.

  • Q. Can Opener of the Way’s Dread Curse of Azathoth be used to attack the Bhole or Zoogs?

    A. No.

  • Q. Can Shub-Niggurath use her Avatar ability to switch places with a Zoog?

    A. Yes. Even though Avatar specifically works on Faction Monsters, Zoogsare all identical so it doesn’t matter which one in the given Area ischosen to swap places with Shub-Niggurath. If the Zoog is sent viaAvatar to an Area that is NOT a Citadel, then the Zoog is Eliminatedfrom the Map.

  • Q. Can Zoogs be captured via Sleeper’s Capture Monster?

    A. Of course, and it will remain captured until it is sacrificed in the Gather Power Phase.

  • Q. Does the Shantaks’ Horror Steed ability allow it to Move freely between the two maps?

    A. Yes.

Library at Celaeno

  • Q. If the Custodian Moves my Units to The Oubliette, and an Abandoned Gate is there, can I immediately occupy it?

    A. Only when it is your turn to take an Action.

  • Q. To Battle the player who currently has the Barrier of Naach Tith Tome, must I release a Captured Cultist from that Faction?

    A. No. You can release a Captured Cultist from any Faction to bypass the Barrier.

  • Q. What if I want to Battle the owner of Barrier of Naach Tith, and Idon’t have a Captured Cultist, a Silence Token, nor an Elder Sign?

    A. Yes, but you must have had at least one Power to take the Action.

  • Q. If the Librarian or Custodian are Activated in the same Area over several Actions in a row, do they keep adding +1 more to their Agony die roll, accumulating over time?

    A. No. They just get a maximum of +1 to their roll.

  • Q. Does Windwalker’s Ice Age defend against the Librarian or the Custodian?

    A. No, because the action to trigger the Librarian or Custodian does not technically take place in the Librarian’s or Custodian’s Area.

Primeval Earth

  • Q. I think the Map layout for Primeval Earth is interesting, and I wouldlike to try playing it in a normal game, without the Glaciers. Wouldthis work?

    A. It’s your game. Give it a try! Then try Glaciers on Yuggoth!

  • Q. If Opener of the Way uses Beyond One to Move a Gate from aGlacier-infested Area to a clear Area, does the Glacier travel with theGate?

    A. No. The Glacier is removed from the Gate in this case. If a Gate is Moved to where there is a Glacier, the Glacier immediately pops on topof it.

  • Q. How do the Glaciers work with Cursed Slumber?

    A. Since you can only use Cursed Slumber with a Controlled Gate, thenyou may not use it in an Area already containing a Glacier. However, ifyou place a Cursed Slumbering Gate back on the Map onto an Area with a Glacier, then the Cultist must immediately step off the Gate.

  • Q. Can Opener’s They Break Through Spellbook be used to Summon Monsters at a Gate covered by a Glacier?

    A. Yes. They Break Through permits you to Summon at Abandoned Gates.

  • Q. In the first Doom Phase, do I add a Glacier to the Start Areas of Factions not in this game?

    A. No.

  • Q. Theoretically, the Daemon Sultan faction could Pass, and thus not geta Start Area in the first turn. If he does, does he get an automaticGlacier in his Start on the second turn?

    A. No.


  • Q. Does Crawling Chaos avoid losing a Unit with his Flight ability when “skipping” over Eradicated Areas?

    A. No. He must lose a Unit to trace over such Areas, though skippingover an Eradicated Area doesn’t count as Moving over an Area for Flight, so he could Move over three Areas if one of them were Eradicated.

  • Q. Does Yellow Sign get his Passion Power when his cultists are Eradicated?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. Does Yog-Sothoth give Opener two Elder Signs if he is Eradicated?

    A. Yes, because he is not only a faction Great Old One but also a Gate. You’d also get 1 Power, since he is a Unit.

  • Q. Can Windwalker use Cosmic Power to pay 8 Power and summon Ithaqua “on top of” Yog-Sothoth, thus killing the latter?

    A. Only if Yog-Sothoth is the only Gate in the Area. Otherwise, Windwalker must destroy the normal Gate.

  • Q. Can a Worm of Groth be placed on the Bubastis Moon tile?

    A. No, it is not considered adjacent to any Area except for Bubastis, and cats don't bring Worms home.

  • Q. How does the Bubastis faction fulfill the Spellbook requirement: “...a Cat is in every other faction’s Start Area...” when starting Areas aredestroyed?

    A. Bubastis is allowed to use the "Pay 6 Power" rule but not the "Pay2 Power" rule even though the Moon can't have a Worm. Cats are likethat.

  • Q. Does a Retreat across a destroyed Area on the Shaggai Map also cost an Elimination to the Retreating Units?

    A. You cannot Retreat across an Eradicated Area. If you cannot Retreatdue to this, you lose a Unit as with any other blocked Pain result.

  • Q. Can Bubastis ignore Eradicated Areas for the “Be in all Start Areas” Spellbook requirement?

    A. No. But She can use the “Pay 6 Power” rule.

  • Q. Can the Daemon Sultan’s Chaos Gate move through a destroyed area with Animate Matter?

    A. Yes, but the Controlling Unit is Eliminated.

  • Q. How does the Leng Tribe’s Dark Rituals work when an enemy Faction’s Start Area has been destroyed?

    A. The Dark Rituals Spellbook works normally - but since no High Priestmay move to an Eradicated area, factions whose Start Areas are gone areimmune.

  • Q: How does Shaggai’s destroyed Areas work with Lord’s Shadows / Portents?

    A: If you have any amount of Portents in a destroyed Area, you earn 1 Elder Sign total (not per Portent).
    A: If you have a Lord’s Shadow in a destroyed Area, you would earn 2 Elder Signs (Provided that you control it) (keep in mind that this would lower the effect of Infernolatreia PRIOR to Infernolatreia triggering).
    A: If you had a Fiend-Controlled Gate in an Area with a Lord’s Shadow, you’d still just earn 2 Elder Signs, and, like above, Infernolatreia would be weakened prior to triggering. The effects of the Lord’s Shadow override the effects of the Map. This means you do not get an additional Elder Sign for the normal Gate. But don’t worry, we know that you didn’t build that Gate anyway; it likely belonged to someone else.
    A: If another player had a Controlled Gate in an Area with a Lord’s Shadow, they would receive 1 Elder Sign per usual (as this effect counts Areas, not number of Gates in that Area. However, The Invasion (not controlling that Lord’s Shadow) would receive nothing!


  • Q. Can Cthulhu get his Kill Spellbook requirements from scoring a Kill on the Watcher?

    A. Yes! (But not for Devour, since that doesn’t affect the Watcher).

  • Q. I have two Units in an Area, one of which is a Brain Cylinder. InBattle, the enemy rolls one Kill and one Pain. What are my options?

    A. Kills are always assigned first. If you assign the Kill to the Cylinder, it dies and the other Unit is Pained. If you assign the Kill to the other Unit, then the Pain is ignored.

  • Q. Can Windwalker’s Howl Retreat a Brain Cylinder?

    A. No. Brain Cylinders turn off their sensors, so they don’t hear the Howl.

  • Q. Does Black Goat’s Frenzy affect Brain Cylinders?

    A. Yes. This represents them casting spells, planning strategy, or cheering others on.

  • Q. How does Yellow Sign’s Passion Spellbook apply to Brain Cylinders?

    A. When a Brain Cylinder is either directly Captured or Converted to an Enemy Brain Cylinder, Yellow Sign gains 1 Power if Passion is in play (his Cultist has been lost!). Of course, Yellow Sign does not gain 1 Power when removing his own Acolyte in order to replace it with a Brain Cylinder.

  • Q. How does Ghatanothoa’s Mummify ability affect Brain Cylinders?

    A. Brain Cylinders are immune to Mummify. They are only brains, and according to Lovecraft, they are not affected by the mummification process. Also, Mummify specifies “Acolyte Cultist,” you n00b.

  • Q. If a Battle takes place on the Slime Sea Overlook and the Gate’s Controller is Pained or Killed, can his enemy Retreat into an adjacentArea containing only Slimes?

    A. Yes, because the Slimes are now uncontrolled!

  • Q. How is the Watcher affected by Elder Things?

    A. The Elder Things’ Mind Control ability has no effect on the Watcher.

  • Q. Can Opener of the Way’s Dread Curse of Azathoth be used to attack the Watcher or uncontrolled Slimes?

    A. No.

  • Q. Can Shub-Niggurath use her Avatar ability to switch places with an uncontrolled Slime Mold?

    A. Yes. Even though Avatar specifically works on Faction units, Slime Molds are identical, so it doesn’t matter which one in the given Area ischosen to swap places with Shub-Niggurath.

  • Q. Does the Watcher count as an enemy Great Old One for Windwalker’sHibernate ability? Does he prevent Opener of the Way from using Beyond One?

    A. Yes to both, but only when it is Awake. He is always considered an enemy Great Old One.

  • Q. Can Sleeper use Death from Below or Yellow Sign use Desecration to place a Slime Mold?

    A. No, Slime Molds may only be placed via the Call Slime Mold Action.