Core Game Rules

  • Q. How much Power does Crawling Chaos get for Killing or Paining Cthulhu?

    A. He receives 2 Power, since that is now half the cost of Awakening Cthulhu (since, obviously, he has already been Awakened once). Of course, he could instead just take 2 Elder Signs. That’s what I would do, anyway.

  • Q. Yellow Sign’s Undead and Byakhee have Combat ratings that change depending on how many are present in the Area. If an Undead or Byakhee is exempted via Invisibility, does it affect the Combat of the remaining Units?

    A. An Invisible Unit does not count as being “present” in the Area for any purpose. If you have two Undead in an Area and one is turned Invisible, the remaining Undead rolls 0 dice, not 1. The intent is that Invisibility is supposed to be useful.

  • Q. When Yellow Sign takes the Screaming Dead or He Who is Not to be Named Action, does he have to pay the normal Power cost for his second, subsequent Action?

    A. Yes! For instance, if he Moved using Screaming Dead and then immediately attempted a Desecration, this would cost him a total of 3 Power (or 2 Power, if Third Eye was in effect).

  • Q. When Crawling Chaos’s Thousand Forms or Black Goat’s Ghroth abilities are used, can a player insist on taking part of the loss, even if the other players don’t want him to? What if a player has no Power or no Cultists—can he “disagree” with the division?

    A. In the first case, this would count as a disagreement which needs to be resolved. In the second, if a player refuses to or cannot contribute to the effect, he does not participate in further negotiations and his agreement is immaterial.

  • Q. If Black Goat is in a Battle and uses Necrophagy, can the Ghoul that was sent to the Battle also be assigned the Pain that it added?

    A. No, the newly-called Ghoul cannot be chosen to be assigned the extra Pain, because it did not participate in the Battle, it only added a Pain result.

  • Q. If a Ghoul is already in the target Area but is not participating in the Battle (due to Invisibility), can it stay there and use Necrophagy?

    A. Yes! An Invisible Ghoul is “not involved” and thus could react via Necrophagy!

  • Q. If I fail a Ghroth roll, is the free Acolyte (of any Faction) an optional placement?

    A. No. Abilities themselves are always optional (unless stated otherwise on their text), but if you choose to use an Ability, you must then do what it says—once you choose to use Ghroth, you cannot simply decide to avoid the consequences! You knew what you were getting into when you joined with Black Goat’s cult!Basically, a failed Ghroth is still intended to be a good thing; Black Goat usually has Acolytes in its Pool, but if not, this can be used to place an enemy Acolyte into an Area with your Monsters so that you can Capture it! Or, you might help a potential ally, perhaps even requesting that they do something for you on their turn in return for your giving them a free Acolyte.

  • Q. Similar to the question above, but what if I want to use Ghroth, but there are NO Acolytes remaining to be placed in any Faction’s Pool (in case of a failed roll)?

    A. If you fail, then nothing happens! This is not similar to abilities such as Zingaya, which prevents from using the ability if there are no Undead in your Pool with which to replace the enemy Acolyte. With Ghroth, chance is involved - you could Eliminate enemy Cultists (which is the main purpose of Ghroth). To be clear, because you cannot normally choose to fulfill only part of an ability, Ghroth’s free Acolyte is a compensation you cannot refuse. But, having no Cultists to place does not prevent you from attempting a Ghroth roll.

  • Q. Can other Factions use Move-like actions, such as Avatar or Submerge, to transfer Units to the Moon?

    A. Yes. They just can’t use the Move action itself, nor actions that specifically mimic Move (like Screaming Dead).

  • Q. Regarding Crawling Chaos’s Madness Spellbook, must he obey normal restrictions on Retreating Units (i.e., not into an Area containing Units of the Faction just Battled)?

    A. Yes, he must obey normal Retreat rules. He also does not get to choose WHICH Units Retreat, only their destination. Also note that with Madness, Crawling Chaos can Retreat players in either order. That is, he may Retreat the defender first.

  • Q. Since Nyarlathotep cannot be Eliminated due to being surrounded (when he has Emissary of the Outer Gods and is not Battling an enemy Great Old One), can he still “soak up” that Elimination to protect his other Units?

    A. Yes!

  • Q. What happens when Crawling Chaos uses Thousand Forms and the number rolled is higher than the sum of all other players’ power?

    A. Crawling Chaos gets Power equal to the die roll.