Determine First Player Phase

This Phase is when the First Player is selected. The player with the greatest amount of Power receives the First-Player Token. If two or more players are tied for the most Power, then the player who had the First-Player Token in the preceding round decides which of the tied players will become the new First Player. (They can choose themself, if they are involved in the tie.)

After the First Player has been determined, that player chooses whether play will proceed clockwise or counterclockwise, as noted on the First-Player Token. Whichever side they select will determine the order of play until the next Determine First Player Phase. (If you have a special First Player figure from one of our Kickstarter campaigns, simply point it in the direction in which play will proceed!)

If the First Player retains this position from one round to the next, that player may change the direction of play for the next round.

Once the First Player and the direction of play have been determined, play continues on to the Doom Phase.