Gather Power Phase

The Action Phase ends once all players are out of Power; the Gather Power Phase is when all players regain Power, adjusting their Power Markers to reflect their new totals. Players perform the Gather Power Phase simultaneously. (If this is anyone’s first game of Cthulhu Wars, though, it may be best to go player-by-player.) How to Earn Power

  • Earn 1 Power for each Cultist you have in play.
  • Earn 2 Power for each Gate you Control.
  • Earn 1 Power for each Abandoned Gate on the Map (each player gains 1 Power per Abandoned Gate).
  • Earn 1 Power for each Captured Cultist on your Faction Card, then return all Captured Cultists to their owner’s Pools. You may not choose to keep a Cultist—they must be returned.
  • Check for special abilities and Spellbooks that provide Power during the Gather Power Phase.

Rich has 2 Controlled Gates and 3 Cultists in play. He has also Captured an enemy Cultist. He gets 3 Power from his Cultists, and 4 Power for his two Controlled Gates. A Gate on the Map is currently Abandoned, so he gets 1 Power from that source (as do all other players). He must sacrifice the Captured Cultist, which earns him an total Power should be set to 9.

Non-Cultist Units such as Monsters and Great Old Ones do not produce Power (with rare exceptions). Only Cultists can produce Power! Also note that certain Factions may have some special way of gaining Power during the Gather Power Phase. These differ with each Faction and might require particular Spellbooks.

The Power Track goes to 20, but you may have more than 20 Power. If a player reaches 21 or more Power, you will need to keep track of it by other means. The easiest is to “wrap around,” so that if your Power is 23, you would place your marker on the 3 space and remember that it is really 23. Then, when it hits the 0 space, immediately place it on 20 instead (when you are at 21 Power and you spend 1 Power, move your marker to 20 rather th else you will be giving yourself free, extra Power!).

Minimum Power Rule

At the end of the Gather Power Phase, after everyone has recorded their Power on their Power tracks, apply the Minimum Power Rule: if a player’s Power is less than half of that of the player with the most Power, that player increases his or her Po he highest Power total, rounding up.

After a disastrous turn, Rich finds himself at the end of the Gather Power Phase with a total of 4 Power. Fortunately for Rich, Angela has the highest total at 13 Power, so Rich sets his Power to 7 (half of 13, rounding up). Once everyone has recorded their new Power totals and applied the Minimum Power Rule, the Gather Power Phase ends. Play then moves on to the Determine First Player Phase.