Independent Great Old Ones


  • Q. Can you combine placing Abhoth’s Filth with Black Goat’s FertilityCult? Or Sleeper’s Death from Below?Or Yellow Sign’s Desecration?

    A. YES to all!


  • Q. When I Control Azathoth, can I modify the Nuclear Chaos die roll to be 0 or 7?

    A. Yes!

  • Q. Can Azathoth absorb more than one Kill result in a single Battle?

    A. No.

  • Q. How much Power can Nyarlathotep get when he Pains or Kills Azathoth in Battle (under Harbinger)?

    A. Zero. Technically, Azathoth costs 0 Power to Awaken. The one die plus 2 Power you pay to Awaken him is a loss, not a cost. Nyarlathotep can get at most 2 Elder Signs when fighting Azathoth.

  • Q. What happens when Azathoth is surrounded by Enemy Units he just Battled, and he receives a Pain?

    A. Treat it as if he received a Kill and roll a die.

  • Q. What happens when Azathoth is chosen to receive a Kill as a result of Dread Curse of Azathoth (since no Battle abilities apply)?

    A. Azathoth’s special ability is Ongoing and not a Battle ability, so just reduce his Combat by a d6. (Yog-Sothoth can’t use Azathoth’s own curse against him, you cadaverous fool! But because Azathoth is the Blind Idiot God, he can still harm himself somewhat).

  • Q. Is Azathoth’s spellbook requirement; “...all players must have at least one Great Old One in play...”, achievable after The Ancients have all 4 Cathedrals in play?

    A. The Ancients are ignored for the purpose of Azathoth’s spellbook requirement.

Bloated Woman

  • Q. Is the Bloated Woman’s Spellbook a constant effect, or can you chooseto ignore it to gain Power as normal should you so choose?

    A. The Spellbook is not intended to be optional, so you may not choose to ignore it.

  • Q. Is a Unit held on The Bloated Woman’s Loyalty Card available for Summon-like abilities such as Death From Below?

    A. No, Units on her Card are not considered in a player’s Pool. Theymust first be Summoned directly from The Bloated Woman’s Card.

Chaugnar Faugn

  • Q. If I have a Controlled Gate and only Units with 0 Combat, can I declare Battle due to Miri Nigri?

    A. Yes! Although Miri Nigri does not technically add 3 Combat to aparticular Unit (as with Absorb), the fact that you will roll Combatdice means that you can initiate Battle even if all you have is a singleCultist (on that Gate) in the Area.

  • Q. Chaugnar Faugn’s Miri Nigri ability gives Gates 3 Combat dice. Does this apply to Yog-Sothoth?

    A. Yes! For example, if there are 4 Enemy Great Old Ones on the Map andan Opener-Controlled Chaugnar Faugn, then Yog-Sothoth’s Combat would be11 (8 + 3). However, if Opener also Controlled a normal Gate in the sameArea as Yog-Sothoth, you would still only add 3 to your Combat in thatArea, not 6. The ability reads “in an Area,” which means that you onlyget the Combat bonus once per Area, rather than once per Gate.

  • Q: How does Curse of Chaugnar Faugn work with Infernolatreia?

    A: They hand you a number of Elder Signs equal to however many Lord’s Shadows you have, and you are able to choose amongst those. Assuming that you are not friends, you probably will have to deplete them of low-value Elder Signs prior to getting much use out of it.

  • Q: How does Curse of Chaugnar Faugn work with Blood Offering?

    A: They give you the Elder Signs to reveal, you reveal them and make offers or a deal accordingly, and then return the rest to the “face up” Pool.


  • Q. If Cthugha rolls a Kill on Rhan Tegoth, but the latter uses Eternalto cancel it, does Cthugha still have a chance to spare Rhan Tegoth,too?

    A. No, Eternal takes precedence—if Windwalker chooses to remove the Kill or Pain from Rhan Tegoth, Cthugha cannot spare him.

  • Q. Does Cthugha copy the combat of Elder Gods?

    A. Cthugha rolls no dice when facing an Elder God, and gets no further benefit vs. Elder Gods.

Dire Cthulhu

  • Q. When using Non-Euclidean to assign combat results to a third party,can they use non-Battle Spellbooks and abilities such as Yellow Sign’sPassion?

    A. Affected third party Factions cannot use Battle Spellbooks orabilities. They can still benefit from non-Battle Spellbooks andabilities.

  • Q. Can Units Pained by Non-Euclidean enter Areas with Units from Dire Cthulhu’s controlling Faction?

    A. Affected third party Factions cannot use Battle Spellbooks orabilities. They can still benefit from non-Battle Spellbooks andabilities.

  • Q. Can the Non-Euclidean Spellbook target Units that have been removedfrom Battle? (i.e. Flying Polyp using the Invisibility Spellbook)

    A. No.


  • Q. Can a Brood be Moved via Cursed Slumber, since it’s not really a “movement-like” ability?

    A. No, you may not use Cursed Slumber on a Brood, as you can go toanother Area on the Map! Brood are already in a terrible slumber…


  • Q. How does the Tcho-Tcho’s Soulless interact with Gla’aki’s Green Decay?

    A. Soulless makes the base reward 0 Power, rather than 1. Gla’aki’sGreen Decay modifies that reward to be an Elder Sign (meaning that itoverrides Soulless by changing its reward from Power to an Elder Sign).


  • Q. If Nodens copies The Ancients’ Extinction Spellbook, is He removed from the game upon being killed or eliminated?

    A. No.


  • Q. When Awakening Nyogtha, how many Elder Signs does Great Cthulhu receive? If a Nyogtha unit is killed and re-awakened, does Great Cthulhu receive another Elder Sign?

    A. Cthulhu gains 1 Elder Sign upon Awakening Nyogtha. If only 1 of 2Nyogtha units is Awakened, Great Cthulhu does not receive an Elder Sign.

  • Q. How do two “simultaneous” Battles occur? Is one Battle fully resolvedbefore the other? Can your Units from the first Battle be Pained to thesecond?

    A. The Battles must be in different Areas. One is fully resolved beforethe other, and Units from the first Battle who are Pained to the secondcan participate in the second.

  • Q. If both Nyogtha Units are in the same Area, do they each add 4 Combat dice when the owner declares Battle?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. Can two Nyogtha Units in the same Area cause two Battles to happen in that Area?

    A. No.

  • Q. If only one of the two Nyogtha Units is Killed or Eliminated inBattle, does this trigger any effects related to the Elimination of aGreat Old One?

    A. No, both Nyogtha Units must be Killed / Eliminated.

  • Q. Can Nyarlathotep get 4 Elder Signs for hitting both Nyogtha figures inthe same Area or is he awarded 2 since it is the same Great Old One?

    A. He only gets 2, whether he Kills or Pains one or both Nyogtha figures.

  • Q. If a Nyogtha Unit is Killed in Battle, but the other Unit survives ina different Area, does this count towards Nyogtha’s Spellbookrequirement?

    A. No. All Nyogtha Units in the Areas where the Battle(s) happened must survive.