Neutral Monsters

  • Q. How does Demand Sacrifice interact with the Leng Spiders’ Bloodthirst?

    A. Any Pains converted into Kills become single Pains. I recommend against using Bloodthirst!

  • Q. How does Bubastis’ Zagazig Spellbook interact with the Leng Spiders’ Bloodthirst?

    A. First, Zagazig swaps all rolled Kills and Pains. Then apply Bloodthirst to the resultant Pains.

  • Q. Can Black Goat Summon a Neutral Monster at the same time as her Faction Monsters?

    A. Yes. She may Summon any number of Monsters at once, as long as they are hers to Summon.

  • Q. Can Yellow Sign spawn Neutral Monsters as the result of a Desecration Attempt?

    A. Yes, so long as they cost 2 or fewer Power.

  • Q. How does Mind Control (the Elder Thing’s ability) work?

    A. In an Elder Thing’s Area, Cthulhu can’t Devour. He can still use Submerge and Y’Ha Nthlei, as those are Spellbooks, not Great Old One special abilities. This ability also works on Independent Great Old Ones (but only their special abilities, and not their Spellbooks). Nyarlathotep can’t use Harbinger, Azathoth can be Killed with a single Kill result, and so on. Shub-Niggurath can’t Avatar out of an Area containing an Elder Thing, but she could use Avatar to enter an Area containing an Elder Thing because she is not in that Area at the moment she uses her Avatar ability. (And the player controlling Bokrug could lose his Loyalty Card!)

    In some cases, Mind Control can cancel the abilities of Great Old Ones. For example—if Tsathoggua is in an Elder Thing’s Area, then he can’t use Lethargy. If Ithaqua is in an Elder Thing’s Area, then Ferox is not in effect for any of his Cultists (of course, if an Elder Thing is merely in the same Area as one of Windwalker’s Cultists, but NOT in Ithaqua’s Area, Ferox is still in effect). Likewise, Abhoth could put a Filth Token in an Elder Thing’s Area, so long as Abhoth himself does not share an Area with an Elder Thing. Some Spellbooks might be affected, even though they are not directly negated by Elder Things. For example: The King in Yellow can’t Desecrate, which means that his Third Eye Spellbook can’t be used, either (a similar effect happens to Cthugha and Ghatanothoa when they have their respective Firestorm and Execration of Mu Spellbooks).

  • Q. Is there any way to get rid of the Servitor of the Outer Gods Loyalty Card once it has been given to you?

    A. No

  • Q. If I have been given Servitor of the Outer Gods, can I still gain non-Servitor Monsters by means other than Summoning?

    A. Yes. For example, Windwalker can use Cannibalism to place Wendigos, Opener of the Way can promote Units via Million Favored Ones, and Yellow Sign can place via Desecration attempts. The Servitor of the Outer Gods’ ability only affects normal Summons.

  • Can I use Black Goat’s Fertility Cult ability tosimultaneously Summon all the remaining Servitorsin my Pool, as well as other Monsters?

    A. Yes, you can do this as long as no Servitors remain inyour Pool at the end of this Action.

  • Q. If the presence of Servitors of the Outer Gods reduces my Combat total to less than zero, what happens?

    A. Just leave it at zero. That’s bad enough.

  • Q. What if I have both Star Vampires and Servitors of the Outer Gods in the same Area, reducing my overall Combat dice to less than what the Star Vampires would normally roll, or even 0. How do I roll my Star Vampire dice “separately”?

    A. Just go ahead and roll your Star Vampires’ total Combat dice. In this case, you will actually get to roll Combat dice, even though your total is technically zero. However, if your total dice are technically zero, you cannot Declare Battle. Weird, I know, but if Servitors are in play, you’re already dealing with multiple realities and alternate dimensions. And yes, in this case, the Combat results of the Star Vampires still DO apply in the Battle, as usual.

  • Q. When a Star Vampire rolls a Kill or a Pain, in addition to the Doom or Power that is drained from the target, is the Kill or Pain inflicted on the Enemy?

    A. Yes, you always add the Star Vampire’s Combat results to the Battle (even if, as in the question above, you technically have zero Combat dice). However, if the Enemy has no Power (or no Doom), then the Star Vampire’s drain does nothing.

  • Q. What if my Star Vampires roll more Kill and/or Pain results than there are Enemy Units in the Battle?

    A. You still get to take the Doom and/or Power from your Enemy, even if some of the Battle results are not applied to Enemy Units (unless, of course, your Enemy doesn’t have enough Doom or Power to take). This also means, for example, that if Rhan Tegoth uses his Eternal ability when fighting your Star Vampires, you still get to take the Doom or Power if a Kill or Pain was initially assigned to Rhan Tegoth! Likewise, if your Star Vampire rolls a Kill against Nyarlathotep when he is protected by Emissary of the Outer Gods, you get 1 Doom but the Kill is reduced to a Pain (as per Emissary).

  • Q. If Yellow Sign Recruits a Dimensional Shambler (or Moonbeast) while attempting a Desecration, where does the Shambler appear?

    A. Sadly, in the Desecrated Area, as described in the ability. This also applies to Moonbeasts.

  • Q. If a Moonbeast is placed on Great Cthulhu’s Submerge Spellbook when Cthulhu is currently off the map, does the Great Cthulhu player have to remove the Moonbeast before those units can return?

    A. A Spellbook action or effect that is partly complete remains that way and can be completed despite a Moonbeast’s cancellation. A new action or effect would be prevented. So for example, if Cthulhu has Submerged before the Moonbeast’s arrival, he can emerge. Similarly, if Sleeper has a Cursed Slumber Gate, it can remain where it is or return, but a new Gate can’t be Cursed.

  • Q. If a Moonbeast is placed on Black Goat’s Red Sign

    A. No. However, the Dark Young no longer provides Power during the Gather Power phase, and if it leaves the Gate cannot occupy a new one.

  • Q: What does Elder Things’ Mind Control do against Baphomet?

    A: It disables Sacrament of Flesh. Hard to pull off, but utterly devastating to The Invasion if it happens. Unquenchable Thirst is unaffected as it cannot be disabled or deactivated.