Neutral Spellbooks

  • Q. How does Undimensioned interact with unusual locations, such as Cthulhu’s Submerged Units, or Sleeper’s Gate with a Cultist that is in Cursed Slumber?

    A. Undimensioned specifies that you may only rearrange Units among your Areas. So, you could not swap out a Cultist who is Cursed Slumbering with one from the Map, or change which Units are currently Submerged with Cthulhu, since these are not Areas. (When Cthulhu is Submerged he uses incalculable geometry such that even beings who are temporarily dimensionless cannot reach him).

  • Q. Do Units from my Faction need to be involved in a Battle in order to use Shriveling?

    A. Yes.

  • Q. If Shriveling is used on one of Black Goat’s Monsters, and Black Goat has the Spellbook Thousand Young, how much Power does Black Goat receive?

    A. The Thousand Young Spellbook changes the cost of each of Black Goat’s Faction Monsters, so Shriveling would grant Black Goat the reduced cost to Summon. For example, Black Goat would receive 0 Power when a Ghoul is Shriveled.

  • Q. How many points does the owner get when her Gnoph-Keh is Shriveled?

    A. When a Gnoph-Keh is Shriveled, calculate the cost it would take to Summon it at that moment, not how much it would cost to re-Summon it. This means that if Windwalker had all four Gnoph-Keh on the board at the moment of Shriveling, it would grant him 0 Power.

  • Q. Why is The Mao Ceremony worded cumbersomely, reading “after the minimum Power rule, but before Determine First Player”?

    A. Because it is always the very last Power to be added—even after the minimum Power rule. This is the only ability in the game which must take place at that moment. To be clear, when Mao Ceremony is in play, first all players tally up their Power, then the minimum Power rule occurs, and finally Mao Ceremony can be used. (By the way, a High Priest can still be sacrificed for 2 Power at any time, Mao Ceremony notwithstanding).

  • Q. What does Recriminations mean when it says that you may replace a Spellbook with any available Spellbook?

    A. You may replace the selected Spellbook with one of your own Faction Spellbooks or another Azathoth Spellbook from the Pool. You may NOT use Recriminations in conjunction with any Independent Great Old One Spellbooks—only with Spellbooks which can be placed on your Faction Card.

  • Q. If I use Recriminations to remove another Neutral Spellbook from my Faction Card, does that Spellbook go back to the general Pool, where anyone can now earn it, or does it remain in my own, exclusive Spellbook Pool?

    A. It goes back to the general, Neutral Spellbook Pool. If a Neutral Spellbook is not currently on your Faction Card, then any Faction may earn it.

  • Q. How many points does the owner get when her Ghast is Shriveled?

    A. Two, since that’s how much a single Ghast costs to Summon.

  • Q. What happens when you use Recriminations on a Spellbook that contains a Moonbeast?

    A. The Moonbeast is removed with the Spellbook (costing nothing to do so) and follows normal rules for returning it to the Map.

  • Q. If I am playing Opener of the Way and use Recriminations to swap out Dragon Ascending or Dragon Descending after I have flipped them face-down, do they flip face-up again? Could I take those Spellbooks again (using Recriminations) and re-use them?

    A. While you could take them back onto your Faction Card, you cannot flip them. The Spellbook states “flip it face down to indicate that it cannot be used again.” This is categorical. It also works this way with Crawling Chaos’ Thousand Forms, which won’t flip over until the following Gather Power Phase.