• Q. How does the Tcho-Tcho’s Soulless interact with the Yithian’s Possession ability?

    A. Soulless makes the base reward 0 Power, rather than 1. The Yithian’sPossession adds to whatever the base reward is, whether 1 or 0. Thus, aYithian who Captured a Soulless Tcho-Tcho still provides at least 1Power.

  • Q. If my Great Old One shares an enemy Cacodemon’sArea, can I pain other non-Great Old One Units intothat Area?

    A.No.They are not accompanied by a Great Old One.

  • Q. If the Shadow Pharaoh is on the Moon, what happens to Bubastis’ control of the Moon Gate?

    A. Nothing. Like Yog-Sothoth, Bubastis’ Moon Gate is inherent and always present.

  • Q: Does the Shadow Pharaoh have any effect on Lord’s Shadows?

    A: No, they (like Yog) are Controlled Gates without having a Controlling Unit. However, The Invasion controlling the Shadow Pharaoh seems hilariously over-powered. Remember that with The Invasion it is virtually impossible for them to be First Player early in the game, so someone else should acquire Shadow Pharaoh before The Invasion can.