Unique High Priests

  • Q. If I Awaken The King in Yellow (as an Independent Great Old One) via Lavinia Whateley, do I get a refund of 1 Power?

    A. Yes

  • Q. When I have Lavinia Whateley, how do I calculate Awakening Cthugha?

    A. Lavinia Whateley reduces the cost to Awaken Cthugha himself, notwhichever Great Old One Cthugha will replace as part of Awakening him.For example, if you have Hastur and want to Awaken Cthugha, the costwould be calculated by starting with 6, then subtracting 3 (per Lavinia), and then again subtracting 10 (the nominal cost to Awaken Hastur). The result would be negative 7. Then, per Cthugha’s Awakening requirements, you would gain Power equal to the result if itis negative, so you would GAIN 7 Power by Awakening Cthugha using bothHastur and Lavinia Whateley.

  • Q. When I use Asenath Waite’s The Thing From Beyond, where does my replacement Unit come from?

    A. Your Pool.